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Types of Homes Honeycomb Blinds Look Best In

Honeycomb blinds, also known as cellular shades, offer a unique decorative style for

windows along with insulation, light filtering, and privacy benefits. The layered, pleated design works well in many homes, but some architectural styles are especially well suited for these versatile shades.Keep reading to learn what rooms and home types pair best with honeycomb blinds to maximize both form and function.

Modern and Contemporary Homes

With their inviting texture, varied facades, and sleek finishes, honeycomb blinds beautifully

complement contemporary architecture. The uniform honeycomb structure aligns nicely with the precise geometry found in most modern homes. The repetitive pattern also blends with the minimalist aesthetic often desired in these spaces. Large, unadorned window expenses are typical in the contemporary style. Honeycomb blinds add softness and texture without detracting from the home’s sleek design. They filter incoming light nicely without totally blocking outside views. In open floor plans, honeycomb blinds offer the ability to define spaces while still allowing light to permeate and promote airy, connected areas. The shades add just enough separation without totally disrupting the continual spaces.

Transitional Spaces

Transitional rooms blend elements of traditional and contemporary décor. Often a transitional space will pair sleeker furniture and fixtures with timeless architectural details.

Honeycomb blinds strike an ideal balance for these mixed spaces. The ordered shading layers contribute a hint of softness without overwhelmingly traditional elements like frilly curtains might. Muted palette options suit a transitional style’s neutral backdrops.

The simple yet visually interesting texture of honeycomb blinds aligns well with transitional

spaces aiming to bridge old and new. They provide depth without visual clutter.

Bathrooms and Bedrooms

For bathrooms, bedrooms, home spas and other private living areas, honeycomb shades offer

discretion along with aesthetic appeal. Instead of harshly snapping open and closed like some other window coverings, honeycomb blinds operate more discreetly with a gentle lifting motion. Their insulating properties are welcome in these commonly smaller rooms too – helping retain heat and humidity in bathrooms or block excess light for sleep in bedrooms. For kids’ and babies’ rooms, cordless operation makes honeycomb blinds a safe choice as well.

Home Offices and Studies

The excellent light diffusing qualities of honeycomb blinds also make them a smart choice for home offices, studies, and other spaces where you want softened incoming light without 100% blackout conditions. The subtle filtered light cuts glare to make computer and reading activities more comfortable for extended periods. Whenever privacy is also desired, honeycomb blinds offer the perfect office solution. Simply angle the blinds to block views when needed while still benefiting from natural light. In home workspaces, the ability for honeycomb blinds to fit odd-shaped windows comes in handy as well.

Learn More About Honeycomb Shades with Alpenglow Blinds

We hope this overview illustrates some of the best architectural styles and home spaces for

taking advantage of all honeycomb blinds offer – from sleek aesthetics to insulation perks. Our experienced team at Alpenglow Blinds has years of experience perfecting honeycomb and other custom blinds installations throughout the Grand County area. Book your free consultation today & discuss which shade materials and lift systems will integrate beautifully into your home.

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